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I'm a digital storyteller by trade and by design.  I love telling visual stories that stir your soul, peak your curiosity, or change your view.

I have developed a diversified background over the years,  that spans both film and video and both the creative and technical sides of digital storytelling.  I'm a dedicated writer who can produce, a producer who can direct, a director who can shoot and a Emmy winning shooter with an incredible eye who can edit. I've written, produced, directed, edited and shot hundreds of hours of film and video for a broad client base including studios, networks, television shows, web series, commercials, corporate clients and non-profits.   I've worked with big crews, small crews. your crews, my crews, and no crew one-man-bands.   I have entertained, educated, swayed, warmed hearts, and brought a tear to your eye through by weaving together rich visual elements that tell compelling stories that reach viewers on multiple levels.   I'm a technological innovator, one of the biggest gadget heads you will meet, mostly in control of, but sometime on the bleeding edge of technology.  I'm just a passionate about the creative side of visual storytelling, hopelessly in love with the art of story and the magic of the visual language. How the color of light, the framing of a face or the bokah of a lens can interact to make you feel a certain way, even if you're not sure how or why.  At my core, I am an educator, teacher and mentor.  In my spare time I mentor teens, write articles, ebooks and make educational videos about visual storytelling.  I'm a published author of both an industry text book and a collection of my location photographs and rarely ever seen without a still or video camera in my hand and usually found on my days off, out shooting time-lapse, motion control or aerial video with  one of my drones.     I'm driven by a lifelong yearning to learn everything I can about the power of visual storytelling and to use that knowledge to alter the way you feel about something . . .simply by watching something I've made.





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