Technical Resume

Television Series


      Animal Planet/A&R Media – The Pet Psychic

Technical Manager/Technical Director for studio production on Season Two of this ½ hour Animal Planet prime

time show.  Oversaw technical specifications for production with two AMV remote trucks and two different stages            at Universal Studios Florida.

     Disney/ABC – Christmas Parade

Technical Manager for this Christmas Day parade for ABC television.  Oversaw technical operations and setup of digital remote truck with 18 cameras at MGM Studios and Disney World.

     Jim Henson Productions/TLC –Animal Jam

Production Manager & Technical Manager/Consultant for 30 episode ½ hour kids television series.  Specified all national and local equipment rental and installation for Disney MGM’s existing studios and control room space.  Developed comprehensive technical specifications for entire show including pre-production through international distribution. Show utilized walk around characters, puppets and live actors with a large amount of green screen/ultimatte work.

     Pillsbury Bake-Off – CBS/White Cherry Entertainment

Technical Manager for live broadcast of the Pillsbury Bake-Off.  Show utilized a 50’ all digital truck with 5 cameras, 4 channel profile and 2 channel Chryon.   Did technical specs, ESU, rehearsal, shoot and wrap in 2 ½ days.

     In Search Of  - ISO Productions/Fox/USA/Haxan Films

 Technical Consultant for all video, audio and still equipment used on the show.  Specified and

 set up rental and purchase deals with national and local vendors.  Developed "Film Look" for

 video cameras with DP and engineers.   (Also served as segment DP for Ghost and Haunting)

     Dooley & Pals - Victory Entertainment/PBS

 Technical Consultant for show startup.  Developed comprehensive Technical Specifications for

 show startup and run.    Including network technical specs, equipment specs, VTR and audio

 allocations, control room, location production, offline, graphics, online, distribution and

 international mastering.  Show utilized walk around characters, hand puppets and live actors.

     Super Sloppy Double Dare 2000 - Nickelodeon

 Technical Consultant for HD pilot.  Performed HD test and presented results to Nickelodeon's

 Executive Committee.  Resulting in Nickelodeons first venture into HD production. Acted as

 consultant for  "Film Look" with setup and filtering of HD cameras. (Served as location and

 studio camera operator for show)

     Figure It Out - Nickelodeon

 Technical Manager for all three seasons of the show.  Developed Technical Specifications for

 entire show including studio and field production, audio, and post.   Acted as technical liaison

 between production company and Nickelodeon.

     Your On - Nickelodeon

 Technical Manager for series including studio, location and hidden camera segments.  Setup

 and developed hidden camera systems, developed technical specifications for entire show, and

 oversaw technical equipment and crew for both studio and location production.  Acted as

 technical liaison between production company and Network.

     The Buddy Mansfeld Show - Nickelodeon

 Technical Manager for show pilot - one of the most technologically advanced game shows

 ever produced.  Show was live action audience and contestants combined with real time 2D

 traditional cell animation.   Served as technical liaison between network, production company

 and a variety of specialized computer and animation companies.

     Gullah Gullah Island - Nickelodeon

 Technical Manager for 2 seasons.  Each season consisted of 1 1/2 months of multi camera

 location production and 2 months studio production.  Served as technical liaison between

 Menton/Perez productions and Nickelodeon Studios.  Oversaw all aspects of equipment

 and technical crew.  Show utilized walk around character, hand puppets and human actors.


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