Road Tested Travel Vets


Ever notice how some shoots go so smoothly, while others, well lets just say "not so much".

A lot has to do with the experience your crew has dealing with the thousands of details that go into making a shoot run smooth.  But knowledge only goes so far and that's where experience kicks in.   Travel can get very expensive very fast and having crew that know how to save you money is always a benefit.  From knowing how to travel expertly to knowing how to get great local crew, knowledge and experience go hand in hand.


There are dozens of simple tips that experienced travelers learn to help them travel smoother and more comfortably.  And if you know many camera people you know they love to travel comfortably.  From simple things like using the right bags that meet airline baggage regulations to having the right credentials and cards that can save you money on extra or oversize bags.  How to get  through airport screening with gear fast or get your crew and gear pre-boarded on planes to even what the best rental cars are to use for gear on location and how to save money when renting those cars.   At the hotel, knowing what to ask for in advance can save valuable time at both ends of the day for your crew you are trying to wrap.  How to get the most out of the hotel's you stay in, to how to find the best local restaurants that everyone in the crew will be happy with.  On location,  how to effectively use your computer to pre-scout for broll and locations and what apps, documents and information you need to make sure you never have a problem.


And yes, camera guys are the ones to talk to if you want to know about what the best and most appropriate clothing is to wear, pretty much in any situation.  From shoes and socks to hats and underwear we know what will keep a crew warm, dry and safe from the bugs the nature and the elements.


And that's just domestic travel.  International travel brings it's on set of opportunities with knowing the ins and outs of carnets, customs, fixers, international law, shots and vaccinations, insurance and dealing with medical emergencies outside of your home country.


It's a lot to know, but hiring and experienced crew that has done it before makes for one of those smooth shoots we all dream of.

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